The Great Physician

A not-so-great future physician learning from the Great Physician: A Journey Through Medicine & Faith

Catching Waves & Catecholamines

Man, this week has just had me so thankful to be a medical student. To start off, this weekend was our class's annual trip to Tofino B.C. for a surfing trip! It was also my first adventure outside of Victoria... Continue Reading →


Meal Prep & Match Day

I survived! Last weekend was our class midterm. Though it didn't exactly go well, it also wasn't the fairest exam on the planet. It's times like these where I'm so thankful for the Pass/Fail system. At UBC, you only need... Continue Reading →

Worship this Week: Arms Open Wide Letting go is hard. This song is my prayer for this week - its lyrics speak for themselves. Take my life, I lay it down At the cross where I am found All I have I give to... Continue Reading →

Learning about Lent

Having grown up in a Pentecostal church, I have never observed lent. But my non-denominational church in Victoria observes the practice, so I've been given a bit of a crash course in what the Lenten season is all about. I... Continue Reading →

Unmanaging Time

In medical school, the phrase "time management" gets thrown around a lot. It most definitely is important - we are constantly juggling a million things at once! Between class, clinical experiences, maintaining relationships, shadowing, research, extracurriculars, intermurals, church, and even... Continue Reading →

Worship This Week: My Lighthouse This is a buddy of mine's absolute favourite song, and we got to play it together on Thursday night! It was such a life-giving worship night with friends. Besides being super catchy, this is also such an encouraging song!... Continue Reading →

Exams & Jams

Welp. It was exam week this week... I spent the vast majority of the week pouring over class notes, working through cases, fighting with neuroanatomy, and yes, drawing more flowcharts. I only managed to get out for one run this... Continue Reading →

Worship This Week: Carry Me On Your Back (Sorry fam, couldn't find a YouTube link!) This week is midterm week, which means lots of long hours of studying and very few hours of sleep. Because medical school is pass/fail, there's not too much stress about needing to... Continue Reading →

5 Hymns For Medical School Interviews

If you're in the middle of medical school interview season, this post is for you! The medical school admissions cycle was easily the most stressful thing I have ever experienced in my life - and the interviews were a HUGE... Continue Reading →

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