The Great Physician

It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.



Sunsets & Sepsis

I'm back! I have no explanation for my hiatus other than that I completely forgot about this blog. But hey, I'm back! *Here's what you missed on ME* It's 3 weeks from the end of pre-clinical years. Yes, I still... Continue Reading →


The Best Piece of Advice I Got In My 20’s

Most of the time, when somebody gives me advice, it goes in one ear and out the other. For whatever reason, as soon as people hear that I'm "still" a student, they take it as their invitation to pour out... Continue Reading →

Catching Waves & Catecholamines

Man, this week has just had me so thankful to be a medical student. To start off, this weekend was our class's annual trip to Tofino B.C. for a surfing trip! It was also my first adventure outside of Victoria... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep & Match Day

I survived! Last weekend was our class midterm. Though it didn't exactly go well, it also wasn't the fairest exam on the planet. It's times like these where I'm so thankful for the Pass/Fail system. At UBC, you only need... Continue Reading →

Exams & Jams

Welp. It was exam week this week... I spent the vast majority of the week pouring over class notes, working through cases, fighting with neuroanatomy, and yes, drawing more flowcharts. I only managed to get out for one run this... Continue Reading →

Mornings & Malignancies

Phew - this week has been a doozy. Last weekend was a long weekend because of Family Day, and I actually managed to get a lot of work done (finally!) I didn't quite get through my entire to-do list, but I... Continue Reading →

Snowpocalypse & Sutures

This week was so full of adventures! I've been having a hard time sleeping in lately, so I decided to make use of the early mornings this week instead of laying in bed. On Sunday, I got up at 4am... Continue Reading →

Island Month-aversary

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