Welcome to my bloggedy blog!

I am a second year medical student at the University of British Columbia, in Victoria B.C.  This is a notebook to share lessons about medicine, faith, and life, and to document my journey through medical school as I learn to become a doctor and an full-blown adult human. Realistically, this blog is to help me document my learning, to help my friends and family follow along on the journey, and to (hopefully) be an encouragement to those of you with enough free time to actually read it.

You can expect from this notebook:

  • Updates about my experiences in the world of medicine
  • Reflections and lessons I’ve learned as a Christian medical student
  • Bible study summaries & prayers
  • Weekly worship music
  • Honesty and openness (because if you read it here on the internet, it must be true!

More than anything, my hope is that this notebook will provide me with a way of documenting my lessons through this journey in medicine, and that it will be an encouragement to the few of you that are reading it – even if you are not in healthcare!

Life is short – let’s live it well.