Welcome to The Great Physician Notebook!

I am a first year medical student at the University of British Columbia, in Victoria B.C. (Canada!). This is a notebook to share lessons about medicine, faith, and life, and to document my journey through medical school as I learn to become a doctor and a human. It is also a place to encourage one another, to document the challenges and joys of life as a Christian medical student, and to grow together in Christ!

You can expect from this notebook:

  • Updates about my experiences entering the world of medicine
  • Reflections and lessons I’ve learned as a Christian medical student
  • Weekly bible study summaries & prayers
  • Weekly worship music
  • Honesty and openness – nothing will be left unsaid!

More than anything, my hope is that this notebook will provide me with a way of documenting my lessons through this journey in medicine, and that it will be an encouragement to the few of you that are reading it – even if you are not in healthcare!

Life is short – let’s live it well.