First year of medical school is wrapping up! It’s been a hectic month with tying up loose ends from class, studying for and writing final exams, and transitioning into my six week research block. What an incredible year it has been! Stay tuned for a post (coming really soon, I promise!) full of thoughts about this first year of medical school. I’ll also tell you about my project block! I just have to finish getting my life together first 😉

Since I’m now in a project block, I have a lot more free time – and it is glorious! I’ve been so lucky to be able to spend a lot of time in the last week or so playing music and worshiping with good friends. Three of my good friends and I are leading worship at the upcoming CMDS National Conference in Toronto. This song has been on my heart this year since I first heard it this year, and I’m so excited to sing it with colleagues and brothers and sisters in Christ from across the country next weekend!

This song, by CityAlight encapsulates the journey that this year has been for me. From making the pursue God’s plan for my life instead of my own, and moving to British Columbia following Him:

I’ve tried in vain a thousand ways

My fears to quell, my hopes to raise

But what I need, Your has said

Is ever, only, Jesus

To being broken and weary, weighed down by my own failings and the challenges of being a medical student:

You died, you live, you reign, you plead

There’s love in all your words and deeds

This weary heart finds all it needs

In ever, only, Jesus

To learning how to be faithful and courageous in a profession that is not always so friendly to Christians:

Though some should curse me for your name

I have no fear, I have no shame

You stand with me for all my days

My ever, only, Jesus

To truly discovering God’s unending love and grace for me:

Like wave after wave on the ocean

Like all of the sand on the shore

Your beauty and glory are endless

Oh Jesus I must know you more

This song has really become my anthem for this year. I think I may have found my “life song”.

I want to know you, Jesus my Lord

King of the Heavens, King of my soul

I trade my treasure and all my rewards

Jesus to know you, then know you more

What about you? Is there a song that really speaks to your journey this year?

Stay tuned for more updates from this year!