I just discovered Citipointe Live this past week, thanks to Spotify’s worship playlist!

This song is such a beautiful love song to God:

Your love is a flood and I’m caught in the current of your living waters

It’s Your love, it’s Your love

Your presence is a flood and I’m caught in the wonder

You have taken me over, You have won my heart

I love the analogy of God’s love being like a flood of water – it is powerful, strong, and reaches into every corner and fills its space. It can sweep us away and cover us completely.

The bridge of this song is my prayer for this week:

Into the deep I will go with You

Submerge my feet to my head in all of You

As your presence falls I am drowned in Your love

Immerse me, immerse me

Let us be swept away, immersed, and overcome by our Father’s transformational love!

What are you singing and praying for this week?