Man, this week has just had me so thankful to be a medical student.

To start off, this weekend was our class’s annual trip to Tofino B.C. for a surfing trip! It was also my first adventure outside of Victoria since moving to Vancouver Island in January, and my goodness – if I wasn’t in love with the island before, I most certainly am now!

We drove up on Friday night, and woke up bright and early on Saturday morning for a sunrise run along the beach:

Tofino 2

Then, we hit up the surf shop and spend the afternoon surfing! Or more accurately, we spent a few hours getting pummeled by waves while holding surfboards ūüėČ This was my first time actually swimming in the Pacific – I couldn’t help but be amazed at how powerful and vast the ocean and this planet is!

Tofino 3

On Sunday morning, we packed up and set out for a glorious hike:

Tofino 1Tofino 5

Tofino 8

I just cannot get over how beautiful this island is! I am so looking forward to the warmer weather and the freedom of summer so I can spend more time enjoying it. I often forget how life-giving it is for me to get some fresh air and explore nature with good friends!

Looking around throughout the weekend, I realized just how thankful I am for my classmates. Not only do I get to go to school every day and learn alongside 30 passionate, driven, and brilliant students, but I have also been blessed with 30 adventurous, funny, and compassionate new friends. Med school can be really tough, but I’m so incredibly thankful to have a class full of friends helping each other through it.

Tofino Hike

This week’s case was about adrenal dysfunction – in particular, Pheochromocytoma and Cushing’s Syndrome. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of endocrinology, but I find Pheo really fascinating for some reason. I spent a lot of quality time preparing for class and doing extra reading this week!

Can you spot the pheo?? (

This week was a short one for me – today is Wednesday, and I’m taking a red-eye back to Ontario to attend & lead worship at the¬†CMDS National Student Leadership Conference!¬†I am so looking forward to spending some quality time learning about what it means to be a Christian leader in medical school and in practice. I always leave CMDS events feeling so encouraged, and with my heart feeling so nourished – it is so good to know that we are not alone in our walk with Christ in medical school!

Even though it’s been very short and pretty busy, weeks like this one just make me so thankful to be a medical student. What other job¬†would have a surfing/hiking trip, clinical lessons, interesting medicine, worship, and student leadership all in one week?? Even though medicine is really draining¬†sometimes,¬†I really do feel so incredible privileged to be able to be a part of it. God is so good!

Stay tuned for a blog post on what I learn at the conference this weekend!

What was the highlight of your week? What’s your favourite part of being a medical student? -H