I survived!

Last weekend was our class midterm. Though it didn’t exactly go well, it also wasn’t the fairest exam on the planet.

exam meme.jpg

It’s times like these where I’m so thankful for the Pass/Fail system. At UBC, you only need to score 60% of the 90th percentile’s score. I think I managed that! I am learning that exams truly don’t reflect the clinical knowledge we have – there is just no way for a multiple choice exam to capture that kind of understanding!

After the midterm, I did some much needed laundry and had a good long nap. Then we had our class over for a par-tay! I got to jam with some good friends late into the night (er…morning). What a wonderful way to unwind!

On Sunday, I met with my mentorship group. This is a group of one student from every year, as well as a local physician – the mentor. It was a neat way to meet some other upper year students and to chat about the “real life” aspects of medicine.

I have been a champ at meal prep and exercise this week! I made a great big stir fry full of tasty veggies and greens and some pieces of chicken. Then I added some chili flakes to give it a bit of a kick, threw in some rice, and ate it for lunch all week!


Mmm…so yummy. I’ve gotten back into the routine of my morning swims before class this week. It is just so refreshing to know that I’ve already gotten a good hour of exercise in before I even get to class in the morning. I haven’t quite mastered the art of getting all the smelly chlorine out of my skin before running into my case group though!

When I swim in the morning, I end up having to pack breakfast and lunch to eat at school. I bring a mini cooler bag and everything!


On Wednesday I packed a banana to eat before my swim, and a fried egg and english muffin for breakfast at school. For lunch I packed my stirfry, an apple, some strawberries, a piece of cheese, and some carrots for snacking. I don’t always eat so much at lunch, but on long days of class I need lots of healthy snacks to keep me awake and focused throughout the day!

Wednesday was Match Day in Canada, which means the fourth year students found out where they are headed for residency next year! It was such an exciting day seeing everybody get their results – and knowing that in 3 short years, that will be my classmates and I!

This week’s case is about thyroid dysfunction – goiters, thyroiditis, Grave’s disease, thyroid cancers, Hashimoto’s, etc. There is a lot to know! I’m not a huge fan of endocrinology, if only because I find the nitty gritty details of the feedback loops to be a bit frustrating. But, Grave’s disease involves some really interesting ophthalmologic findings, so that has been interesting at least.

This weekend my classmates and I are headed to Tofino! The plan is to do some surfing, some beach lounging, campfires, and some hiking. Hopefully the weather holds out for what will be my first real adventure on the island!

How was your week? Did you learn anything interesting? -H