It was exam week this week… I spent the vast majority of the week pouring over class notes, working through cases, fighting with neuroanatomy, and yes, drawing more flowcharts.


I only managed to get out for one run this week – in true West Coast style, it was in the pouring rain and through a muddy forest trail. I only managed to snap one photo, during a nice quiet stretch of my run through UVic’s campus. I imagine this bridge will be a lovely spot on a sunny summer’s day! Hopefully I’ll be able to find it again!


I am feeling really sluggish after a week of not exercising and eating “exam food” (popcorn for dinner, granola bars, and anything else I can pretend is a real meal). I am looking forward to getting back into a routine this week, but I also know I need to be better at balancing exercise & better meal planning during exams in the future.

On Thursday night, some upper-year friends and I had a jam sesssion/worship night after dinner. Even though I should have been studying, it definitely lowered my stress level. There is something about playing old hymns and 90’s worship songs with an incredible talented group of friends that is just so life-giving!

On Saturday after our exam, we had our classmates and some second-years over to our place for a “shindig”. My buddy brought his guitar and his keyboard, and a group of us ended up jamming for almost the entire night. I think it was 2:30am by the time we finally packed up and called it quits!

This week, I realized how important music – and more specifically, making music with friends – is for reducing my stress levels and helping me feel relaxed. I think I also learned this week that music really is how I connect best with other people. I have been missing it so much this year without even realizing it!

I am so thankful that this week is over. It has been long, and exhausting, and I am feeling pretty drained. The exam didn’t go as well as it could have (for any of us), but tomorrow is a new day – and tomorrow, I will be better.

How do you balance staying healthy during exam season? Do you have a favourite way to unwind?

Have a happy Sunday! -H