(Sorry fam, couldn’t find a YouTube link!)

This week is midterm week, which means lots of long hours of studying and very few hours of sleep. Because medical school is pass/fail, there’s not too much stress about needing to do exceptionally well, but it is still a hectic, exhausting, and draining week.

This week I’m singing this song to remind myself that Jesus is carrying me through life – including exams. I especially love the lyrics of the first pre-chorus:

When the ocean is raging, I find stillness in your presence. And I lift my voice to say,  “Jesus take me away!”

It’s such a sweet reminder that His presence brings stillness and peace even in a stressful season!

This song is also such a great reminder that even if I fail the exam, or something goes wrong, things are going to be okay – God is so much bigger than midterms!

“Even heros fall down, and mountains won’t last forever. But your promise never fails”

I’m so thankful to have a God who promises to bring us stillness and comfort, and to carry us on his back through life’s storms!

Do you have a favourite pre-exam worship song?

Study hard my friends! -H