This week was so full of adventures!

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping in lately, so I decided to make use of the early mornings this week instead of laying in bed. On Sunday, I got up at 4am (!) and by 6am I had finished a load of laundry, edited an essay for a friend, submitted my application for an upcoming conference, and made two batches of yummy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! I felt so productive that I rewarded myself with a fresh muffin and some tea by the fire 🙂


These muffins are the least healthy, most delicious things I think I have ever tasted. I know pumpkin season is long gone, but I just love them! You can find the recipe here. I used 1 cup of brown sugar and a 1/2 cup of white sugar instead (told you they’re the least healthy things ever!), and added about a 1/4 tsp each of ginger and nutmeg. Yum!

As it turns out, I’m glad I had warm and cozy food already prepared, because on Wednesday we got hit with a huge snowstorm!

Driveway snow.jpg

Since it doesn’t normally snow on the island, the city was a complete mess. Nobody drives with snow tires here! Campus actually ended up closing shortly after lunch, so we had the afternoon off. I sure was glad to hunker down with some hot chocolate and a warm muffin after shoveling all this snow off the driveway!

The snow turned into rain overnight and the temperature came back up to normal, so on Thursday everything was a go for my family practice clinic visit. I saw some patients with congestive heart failure, respiratory infections and even ingrown toenails. I also learned how to remove stitches! Some very brave patients let me practice on them too!

removing-sutures I’m learning that family medicine really is like gymnastics with your brain – you are constantly jumping between all sorts of different problems. You definitely have to be prepared for anything!

This weekend is a long weekend in B.C. because it’s Family Day on Monday. Tonight I’m going to hear the Lafayette String Quartet play a few of the Shostakovich Quartets with some friends from school. Then it’s down to work to get through this monstrous to-do list!


I’m a little (read: a lot) behind on schoolwork, so this weekend will provide some much-needed catch up time. Between being sick and having so many new adventures it’s been tough keeping up with everything…hopefully I’ll still be able to squeeze in a quick hike and a few runs this weekend!

How was your week? What’s your favourite way to spend a long weekend?

Smile, tomorrow’s a new day! -H