The Great Physician

It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

Worship this Week: Lead Kindly Light

Okay y'all. If you haven't already been listening to Audrey Assad, now is your chance! This week I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of change and decisions coming up in the future, and very much experiencing that... Continue Reading →


Sunsets & Sepsis

I'm back! I have no explanation for my hiatus other than that I completely forgot about this blog. But hey, I'm back! *Here's what you missed on ME* It's 3 weeks from the end of pre-clinical years. Yes, I still... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back!

Happy September!   I hope you had a great first day back at school, or sending your children to school, or just a generally happy Tuesday that had nothing to do with school. Those are always nice 🙂 For new... Continue Reading →

The Best Piece of Advice I Got In My 20’s

Most of the time, when somebody gives me advice, it goes in one ear and out the other. For whatever reason, as soon as people hear that I'm "still" a student, they take it as their invitation to pour out... Continue Reading →

Worship This Week: I Want to Know You

First year of medical school is wrapping up! It's been a hectic month with tying up loose ends from class, studying for and writing final exams, and transitioning into my six week research block. What an incredible year it has been!... Continue Reading →

Good Friday Worship: Scandal of Grace

I've had to take some time away from making regular posts as final exams approach (I will be back soon!) but I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Good Friday worship. When I think of Good Friday,... Continue Reading →


Woops. Honesty is fundamental to this blog. So here's the truth: I messed up. This week is the final crunch time before our big clinical exam and our major anatomy, radiology, neurology, and full term final exams. It's also the... Continue Reading →

Worship This Week: Into the Deep I just discovered Citipointe Live this past week, thanks to Spotify's worship playlist! This song is such a beautiful love song to God: Your love is a flood and I'm caught in the current of your living waters It's... Continue Reading →

Lent: Halfway Reflections

This year, I decided to participate in Lent for the first time. It was never something that I practiced before moving out West, but many of my church friends out here do, so I wanted to give it a try.... Continue Reading →

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